When is your next available appointment?

Typically we’re booked 2 to 8 weeks in advance. However, we sometimes get last minute changes in our schedule. Please call and ask about possible openings.

What days of the week do you shoot on?

Depends on the season. Please call and request what works for you.

At what time of day do you shoot?

We shoot at different times depending on the season. Our earliest shoot is at 10am and our latest start at 2pm.

Do I need to meet before a shoot?

It is unnecessary to meet before a photoshoot. (We haven’t met anyone before a shoot since 1999.) In order to achieve great results a detailed phone conversation can accomplish the same goal as meeting in person. After 23 years we have a very good sense of people and an acute awareness of how little actors generally love having their headshots taken. Please read under testimonials what previous clients say…about us and the experience!

Should I wear perfume?

Sadly Juliet is violently allergic to scents. No extra perfume, oil or candles!
Anything you can do to minimize your scents of any kind, including body odor 🙂 and deodorant, is greatly appreciated. Chemical sensitivity is no joke!
Juliet keeps the hair products she uses as natural and chemical free as possible.

Will my teeth show?

Only when you smile. If your lower teeth show make sure you’ve had a cleaning recently since tartar is a pain to retouch away. If you’ve got a snaggle tooth, make sure you love it, or consider Invisalign for a couple of months before you shoot.
Or be prepared to spend a little extra on retouching.

Do you shoot natural light or studio?

We shoot using controlled natural light in a daylight studio. Our lighting is carefully crafted to look good at any time of day.

Who does my hair and make-up?

Juliet has done everyone’s hair and make-up for the last 23 years. From Jennifer Garner to Emma Stone. She works with clients to achieve looks that represents them at the time. This is not some total beauty makeover or a glamour shot. It is important that your headshots reflect you and not some random make-up artists version of what you should look like.

What should I do with my hair before the shoot?

It depends. Does your hair look A-List or D-List? Ask yourself honestly. This is photography, not magic. The type of lighting we use will show your weight, skin, face and hair very clearly. All good photos start with a person at their best and this includes your hair. If you do not want to spend the time and money to have
A-list hair maybe you should choose a new career…preferably one with a hat.

Juliet has asked all clients in the past 20 years if they have cut and colored their hair recently and if it looks its best? In some cases she’ll ask you to send a photo via email when she thinks your old shots do not represent what you are saying.

Extensions must be colored and cut well to look like real hair on camera. Cheap clip-ins might look good at night in a dimly lit restaurant. But extensions that are not colored and cut to fit your head will not look good in sharp good lighting. Not to mention clip-ins are not good for overall styling. They are designed to be filler only.

Ombre, although a favorite of hair stylists and actresses on red carpets is rarely seen in movies. It does not photograph well to have 2-tone hair. Dark roots or light tips will look like you didn’t bother to get your hair colored, subtle Balayage can be ok but extreme Balayage will be too streaky/punky.

Juliet will ask you if you think your hair is up to Hollywood standards? It is up to you to decide for yourself. You decide how you show up to your auditions. WE have noticed that our working actresses have taken the time to look A-list all the time.
Juliet has been doing hair for 20 years and is excellent at styling, re-styling and forming new looks for people but she cannot fix things that are unfixable.

A bad cut, cheap extensions and a bad dye job are unfixable on the day of your shoot. So, if your extensions look like a cheap hooker or are ratty and you didn’t bother to fix your dark roots there is nothing she can do.

You will always find exceptions to all the rules, but in general this information is given to help you be your best and take personal responsibility for your hair.

Remember, we do not do re-shoots, refunds or additional looks afterwards.

How long does a shoot take?

A basic headshot session lasts two hours, We will have covered 4 to 5 looks and have 700 to 1000 shots. (The equivalent of 22+ rolls of film…)

Why are there so many shots? Why doesn’t everyone get the same amount?

Not everyone is the same. Some clients are more photogenic or more comfortable in front of a still camera. To satisfy the goal of getting great shots, each client gets exactly the right amount of shots needed.

Why aren’t you always available on the phone?

Shooting pictures takes time, concentration and peace and quiet. Therefore we do not keep a phone in our Marina Del Rey studio. There simply isn’t enough time to accomplish the amount of clients who want to shoot and be available all of the time on the phone. All messages, left on our office line, 310-973-7315, will be returned within 72 hours. Please be patient.

I’ve sent you 2 emails. Why haven’t I heard back from you?

We don’t check email when we’re shooting. We like to concentrate on the client in front of us. The phone gets priority over emails so please call us as well!

Who will help me with my wardrobe?

Prior to your shoot we offer a free 15-20 minute wardrobe consultation specifically tailored for you. If you should need more help Juliet offers private wardrobe shoppings for $385 or $585. See “EXTRAS” on our “PACKAGES” page .

What music do you have?

Theo has carefully prepared iTunes with a variety of playlists. He also has Pandora and Spotify. You may also bring your own music if you wish. Music is a background feature to our photographic experience. Being able to communicate with our main attraction (you) is essential for us to achieve our common goal.

After my shoot when will I see my pictures?

Your pictures will be ready for online viewing, at your own personal web-site, 7-10 business days after your shoot. You will receive an email with your password once your web-site is online.  For your convenience your site will be online for at least two(!) years.

Is his name Theo, Tio, Teo or T.O.?

Theo was born and raised in Sweden. In Sweden “Theo” is pronounced “Teo” (or T.O.) even though it’s spelled Theo. Sorry about the confusion.

What lab do you use?

We use Melissa Flores Retouching for all retouching/editing.  By using Melissa’s services we can guarantee that your photos will have the same quality as the photos you’ve seen at our website.

Can anyone see my online proofs?

No, your online proofs are password protected. You control who will see them.

How can my agents, manager and friends look at my pictures?

You can easily share your entire site, or just your favorite shots, with anyone you’d like by the click of a button.

Who do you use for retouching?

We only use Melissa Flores Retouching for retouching. She does an excellent job and she will make sure your photos will have the same quality as the shots here at our website.

Can I do my own retouching?

No. We want our work and the job we have been paid for to look as we intended it to. That’s why Melissa Flores Retouching does the retouching and/or prepares the files for online use. This way we will ensure that your photos will have the same look as the shots here at our website. Melissa charges $10 to prepare a shot for online/print use (to adjust color, saturation, contrast, size, sharpness and convert to web colorspace) and charges $30 for a basic headshot retouch (soften wrinkles, brighten teeth/eyes, remove stray hairs, etc.). 80% of our clients don’t do any retouching at all. If you are unwilling to follow our finishing protocol we are not the right photographers for you.

Do I get a HD/CD/DVD with my images after my shoot?

No. You will, however, be able to order finished jpeg’s or prints from Melissa Flores Retouching for years after your shoot. She charges $10 to prepare a shot for online use (to adjust color, contrast, saturation, size, sharpness and convert to web colorspace) and charges $30 for a basic headshot retouch (soften wrinkles, brighten teeth/eyes, remove stray hairs, etc.). Melissa will make sure your images will look like the images you see here at our website. If you are unwilling to follow our finishing protocol we are not the right photographers for you.

Are Melissa’s prices high?

No. The quality she provides far outweighs the nominal, if any, price difference between them and other professional retouchers. In addition to the fee you pay us you should budget $100 to $300 for finishing costs, depending on how many photos get selected and/or retouched.

How many changes am I allowed?

Everyone is an individual. Most sessions require 4 changes. 5 maximum.

Will my photos look like me, and will I like them?

All of life is a risk, but we have been told by 1000’s of casting directors, clients, agents, managers, coaches, producers and directors over a 30 year period that our shots look more like our subjects than any other head shot photographers they have seen nationwide.

In the words of a famous casting director, “If your clients like the way they look, they will love their photos. If they hate the way they look, they will hate your photos because it’s going to look exactly like them”.

Having said that, photography is subjective and not everyone sees themselves the way the rest of the world does. If you think you are a 10 and the rest of the world sees you as a 6, or, you are a 10 and you see yourself as a 6, you need to deal with that before you get photos.

If you do not like the way you look on still camera, or, in life….your big nose, round face, crossed eyes, thin hair, short neck, fat arms, big forehead, droopy eye-lids, thin lips, ugly smile, lumpy cheeks, frown lines, laugh lines, buck teeth, crooked teeth, chipped teeth, tartar, double chins, baggy eyes, dark circles, bad hair style, receding hairline, crappy eyebrows, saggy neck, bad tan lines…or whatever else you don’t like about yourself WILL be in your photos.

We cannot correct what you do not like about yourself. If you are not happy with your looks you will not like 800 photos of it.

It is important to accept yourself and sell that. We could name 1000’s of very successful performers we have worked with who are physically challenged in some way but who have accepted it.

In life you have 3 choices, accept it, fix it or retouch it.

We are photographers not magicians or psychiatrists and we are not willing to tolerate delusional people at this point in our career. We work with professionals. If you think you are on the same page with reality as the vast majority we shoot are, then we are the right choice for you.

Remember, being beautiful and happy on the inside makes the outside challenges unnoticeable.

Why should I choose you?

Because you’re a working actor and you don’t have time to waste going from photographer to photographer (or worse; to a guy in your acting class or your cousin’s friend).

Why are you so expensive?

We’re not that expensive! When other photographers quote “like Theo & Juliet but at half the price” they don’t include hair, make-up, 800 to 1200 shots, extra looks, or, most importantly, neither Theo nor Juliet! Add it all up and we’re actually less expensive!

Why don’t you do reshoots? Everyone else says they’ll reshoot until I’m happy.

We go into every shoot with pure intentions. We cannot make anyone happy…you must arrive happy. Our reputation is fully dependent on our clients kind words. We do our very best to do our very best every time. If we felt that we could have delivered a better job we would be the first to contact you regarding a reshoot.

How do I set up an appointment?

Call us at 310-973-7315 with wish-dates and any questions.

I need an image consultant and a style analysis!!

Both Theo and Juliet have accidentally been style analysts since 1994 as clients have asked for help. For more extensive consulting, including hair makeup and your wardrobe beyond your shoot, we are available to clean up your image, assemble a marketing strategy and rid your closet of unnecessary items. This is not part of a basic headshot shoot. You will receive enough information for a basic shoot. If you require more help ask us about this service.

Do you do character shots?

After years of consulting with top managers, agents and casting directors, we believe that subtle characters are acceptable. We are not the right photographers for you if you wish to wear costumes.

Why don’t you shoot everyone?

We reserve the right to refuse service. Period. We deserve a nice/happy working environment. If we feel, based on our phone conversation/s, that your behavior needs work, we’ll kindly refuse to work with you. This doesn’t happen very often, maybe once a year, so if it happens to you it might be time for some introspection…

What is your photographic philosophy?

Our philosophy and our mission is fantastic photos of you. Having dedicated our lives to our clients, we believe we have all the necessary elements to get the job done painlessly.

Why do casting directors love your work?

Casting directors love our pictures because the actors always look like the person they called in to the audition.

What are Twizzlers?

Twizzlers are like Red Vines but better.